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About Patty and Mike

We have been a research team since 1979, working on apartment investment and housing market issues in the Puget Sound region. We are also apartment investors, so we have a pretty good idea about what matters to people involved in our region's apartment market.

We always work really hard to produce good research

We started with investment research in 1979. This was something new to the industry at the time. We were fortunate to get help from leading real estate thinkers nationally, including Dr. Tony Downs at the Brookings Institution, Alvin Arnold at Real Estate Review, Dr. James Graaskamp at the University of Wisconsin, and many others. We were amazed at how open and excited they all were. That gave us a great start.

We got married in 1982 and almost immediately expanded our research into rental market trends. We kept expanding our survey size, adding questions and analyses. We added operating expenses to our research topics. In 1995 we started our website, posting our research there.

In the late 1990s we expanded our work on development activity, and in addition to the hiking in the Northwest we always loved, we began international mountain trekking. In 2004, we invested heavily in our website, making it interactive so clients can create their own customized reports based on criteria that matters to them. We have continued to add new online capabilities and expanded the printed reports.

We've been at this for over 30 years now. It's unlikely we'll still be doing this in another 30 years, but who knows. Anything is possible, especially since this is much more than just a business to us. We are passionate about our work and the value we believe it brings to the Puget Sound region apartment market. And we enjoy all of the wonderful relationships we have developed with clients over so many years. So you will have to put up with us for quite a while.

Here's some information on what we've done in the industry over the years. This isn't to brag, it's just to tell you a little more about us, focusing on things that are relevant to you when considering a researcher, rather than our personal interests in things like hiking, music, biking, cross country skiing, cooking, reading, and travel.

Industry involvement

We share our experience with the industry through presentations to many organizations, including: Washington Multi-Family Housing Association, Counselors of Real Estate, Institute of Real Estate Management, Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, University of Washington program in Commercial Real Estate, Mortgage Bankers Association, Bar Association, Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound, Master Builders Association, and others.

Patty Dupre

Past member, national vice-president, chapter chair of The Counselors of Real Estate, served on its national board of directors for five years, held its Counselor of Real Estate (CRE) designation from 1991-2001; served on various national committees for the Appraisal Institute and held the "MAI" designation for 16 years; past member of the Central Puget Sound Real Estate Research Committee from 1984 to 2008 and was chair from 2002 to 2004; served on the Washington Center for Real Estate Research board of trustees at Washington State University for six years, as well as vice-chair for two years.

Mike Scott

Past director of the Central Puget Sound Economic Development District for nine years and past president; past member, national director, chapter chair of The Counselors of Real Estate, held its CRE designation from 1991-2001; past director and past president of the Commercial Brokers Association; member of an Urban Land Institute Advisory Services Panel to the City of Los Angeles; past member of the Real Estate Advisory Board of the University of Washington, instructor in its Certificate Program in Commercial Real Estate; past member of the Real Estate Technical Advisory Committee at North Seattle Community College, taught Real Estate Economics for ten years; past president of the Puget Sound chapter of Lambda Alpha, received its Member of the Year award for "contributions to real estate land economics."

Miscellaneous notes

We like to hike, particularly in the North Cascades and in South America. We like to bike ride and enjoy riding and visiting Patty's brother in Kayenta in southern Utah. We like to cook. And we enjoy movies, especially foreign films.

Mike Scott Mike Scott
Patty Dupre Patty Dupre