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The Apartment Investment Report

Sale Comparable Reports

Here are just a few of the questions this report can answer. What is my property worth? Are my taxes too high? What should I pay for another property? What return can I expect? How can I determine prices now or in the past for an estate, divorce, or lawsuit?


Subscribers to our Apartment Investment Report Sales Advert Image can create their own detailed Investment Trend Reports and Sale Comparable Reports for any 5-unit and larger sale in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, using the most current data from our online database that is updated at least weekly. This article describes the Sale Comparable Reports.


The Apartment Investment Report costs $505.00 for a one year subscription, which includes a printed report each spring and fall, and online weekly updates for your custom Sale Comparable Reports and Investment Trend Reports (plus sales tax where applicable).

Sale Comparable Reports

The online reports include exterior photos, maps, unit mix, property and sale details, a line-item income and expense financial analysis, amenities, and information on the seller, buyer, and broker. We don’t have all those details for every property, but we have what you need to understand the sales market. Plus, we are adding information every week.

Online database

The online database includes 4,300+ sales of 5-unit and larger market-rate properties that closed in King, Pierce, or Snohomish counties since the beginning of 2000.

Weekly updates

We add new sales almost every Friday morning, and often add new sales during the week, giving you close to a real-time view of activity and prices.

Quality information

Using our background in appraisal and consulting, plus our decades of experience, the information in these reports is reliable. We exclude sales that were not arms-length or in other ways don't represent a market-rate transaction. And we analyze each operating statement to present the most accurate financial analysis possible.


The search form lets you narrow down your search for sales a number of ways:

  • First, pick your county, sub-market, or neighborhood.
  • Then select the sale date range you want. Use any date range from the beginning of 2000 up until today. Although we don't have sales that closed today, our weekly updates usually include new information on sales that closed just a few days ago.
  • You can refine your search even more, by zeroing in on a property size range and property age range.

Summary reports

No matter how carefully you narrow your search criteria, it is likely that not all of the properties selected will be appropriate for your research. So the next step will be to generate a summary report showing all of the properties that met your search criteria.

Print a PDF of the detailed report

In addition to the online version of the detailed report shown at the top of this article, users can also print a two-page PDF version of the report. See the sample below.

Online summary report

Sales Comp Summary Report Example Image

PDF - Property and sale details

Sales Comp Detail Report Example Image
Investment Report Comp Example Image

Here's what these reports contain

  1. Basic property information
  2. Photos for a 5+ units sales since the beginning of 2010, all 20+ unit sales since the beginning of 2005, and 50+ unit sales since 2000.
  3. A photo album lets you scroll through additional photos and floor plans when we have them.
  4. View images full-screen, play all images as a show, or select individual images to view.
  5. Sale price and valuation indicators.
  6. Map showing the property's location in its market area.
  7. Unit mix.
  8. Income (broken down by source).
  9. Line-item expenses.
  10. Sale price considerations (was rehab needed or planned; was condominium conversion a possible strategy)
  11. Assessed value and tax account number (useful in looking up ownership information).
  12. Financing.
  13. Buyer, seller, and broker contact information.
Sales Comp Query Image Example

Print a PDF of the summary report

Investment Report Sales Comp Summary Report PDF Example Image

PDF - Financial details