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The 1-19 Unit Rent & Vacancy Report

Here are just a few of the problems this report can solve. Should you raise rents? How much? Are your rents and vacancies matching, beating, or lagging the market? Where are opportunities? Where are the most stable areas? Where has rent climbed the most, or least? How can I support my actual rents in a tax appeal?


This report, published each April, shows rents and vacancies in single-family rentals, multiplexes (2-4 unit apartments), and 5-19 unit apartment buildings in King and Snohomish counties. The report is based on our annual survey of more than 3,500 properties.


The 1-19 Unit Rent & Vacancy Report costs $195.00 (plus sales tax where applicable). What you get if you order today: Your subscription includes the current (May 2017) report, published on April 25, 2017. You have immediate online access to this report. Your online access expires on January 31, 2018.

The Report

The report shows current rents and vacancies by neighborhood for single-family rental properties, multiplexes, and 5-19 unit apartment buildings, as well as trends in parking charges, water/sewer charges, forecasts, and more.

Each years report includes a discussion of significant trends (image "A")

Report size: 30 pages

Geographical coverage: 7 market areas (Snohomish County; King County; North King; Central King; Eastside; South King; Southeast King) and 42 neighborhoods

4 pages of tables of management observations and forecasts by participants;

5 pages of tables of rent incentives, parking charges, water and sewer charges.

13 pages of current rent and vacancy tables (image "B"): by bedroom type (studio, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom apartments) for the vacancy rate, average rent, average rent per net rentable square foot, and the number of properties and units surveyed.

Each neighborhood table then details rents for each unit type in single-family properties separately, followed by multiplexes, then 5-19 unit apartment buildings.

Executive Summary

Rents and Vacancies executive summary image

Page from the printed report

Page from the 1-19 unit apartment report page image