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The Apartment Development Report

Apartment investment performance is, to a large degree, just a reaction to supply and demand trends. Excess supply, relative to demand, hurts performance, while a supply shortage boosts investment performance. Knowing how much supply a neighborhood has been able to handle historically is important. And knowing what to expect in the next few years is critical.


Stay on top of 20-unit and larger apartment development trends in 50+ neighborhoods in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties with unlimited online reports updated monthly, and 35+ page printed reports in March and September.

Three reports in one

  • Printed report: We mail a printed report twice a year and post a PDF of it online. This report shows past and expected future development data for each neighborhood, and lists each project planned or under construction we are tracking.
  • Custom report: You can create your own custom report online. It contains the same information as the printed report, and a lot more.
  • Property profiles: These online reports give you detailed information about each apartment property built since 2000, as well as properties under construction and planned. These property profiles also include information on the developer, architect, and other development team members.

Property profiles

Click here for more detailed information about the "Property profiles."


The Apartment Development costs $615.00 for two issues a year (March and September) and online access so you can create custom reports using your own criteria and property profiles. What you get if you order today: Immediate online access to the current March 2017 report, published March 27, 2017. Your online access expires on May 31, 2018, during which time you will receive both the September 2017 and March 2018 reports.

Monthly updates

We update the online database every month, as well as an Excel version of the Development List (see image E below), adding new proposed developments and revising expected completion dates and unit counts for properties we have been tracking.

You decide

You don't have to accept our development forecasts. This report shows you each project we're tracking and when we estimate it will begin lease-up. You can use this detailed information to create your own forecast by changing expected completion dates, adding, and even deleting projects, based on your knowledge of the market.

Custom online report

You can create your own custom online reports for any submarket, neighborhood, or custom market area you define. Here's what else they contain:

  1. Five-year forecast: This shows the number of units expected to begin lease-up each quarter for the next five years. This table also shows the number of units completed, under construction, or planned.
  2. Quarterly forecast graph: this graph displays the forecast from the table above
  3. Development history & forecast: An annual development table showing the number of new units added since 1995 for your market area. The table also shows the number of units lost through condominium conversions, demolitions, or conversion to subsidized housing (usually the result of a sale). And, it shows "reconversions" from failed condo conversions back to apartments. Accounting for all of these results in annual net development activity.
  4. Development history & forecast graph: This shows annual net development activity from 1985 through the end of the five-year forecast.
  5. Development list: This table shows the name, address, number of units, completion status, completion date, and developer name for the properties in the forecast period for your custom market area.

Printed report:

Data Page Report Sample Image

Online report

Quarterly forecast and status image

Online report

Detailed history and forecast annual image

Property Profile Report

Individual Property Profile Page Image