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The Apartment Vacancy Report

Here are just a few of the problems this report can solve. Should you raise rents, or start or stop concessions? How much? Are your rents, other charges, and vacancies matching, beating, or lagging the market? Where are opportunities? Where are the most stable areas? Where has rent climbed the most, or least?


Current and historical absorption, rents, vacancies, rent projections, concessions, parking charges, and more for various age and size groups of property, for each of 60+ neighborhoods in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, and Thurston counties. The data is from our semiannual survey of 85% of the market, 2,200 properties and 220,000 units in 20+ unit market rate apartments.


The Apartment Vacancy Report costs $625.00 plus sales tax where applicable. This includes two printed reports each year (March and September) as well as online access so you can create custom reports based on your own criteria. What you get if you order today: Immediate online access to the current March 2017 report, published March 25, 2017. Your online access expires on May 31, 2018, during which time you will receive both the September 2017 and March 2018 reports. (Note: You can also order reports for single neighborhoods for $160.00 each + tax. See below for more information.)

Custom Online Reports

Create your own custom online reports for any market area, property age range, and property size range. The reports include:

A. General market indicators. Data since 1997 for custom criteria you select: Average rent incentive, percent of properties using incentives, projected rent increases, percent of properties planning rent increases, and parking charges for open, carport, and garage spaces.

B. Unit type graphs and tables. Separate rent and vacancy trend tables and graphs for each unit type that fits your custom criteria.

C. Rent & vacancy tables. Each unit type table shows the average rent and vacancy rate every six months since 1997 and includes: Market and gross vacancy rates, average rent, average rent per net rentable square foot, and the number of properties and units surveyed.

More Online Reports

We don't have room to show examples here, but there are three other online reports. One shows rent and vacancy trends for the past 25 years for any neighborhood. Another shows an online version of the printed report for any survey since the beginning of 1997.

There is a custom rent comparables report. The properties are not identified, but the data table shows this information for each property: current rent; unit size; turnover rent; who pays heat, water/sewer, and garbage; charges for parking; rent incentives; and whether or not the property has decks, fireplaces, washers/dryers, elevator, and security.

The Printed Report

The printed neighborhood reports don't have as much information as the online reports and can't be customized. However, they are provide a fast and detailed view of trends for any neighborhood. They include:

Not shown: Absorption tables for each county and major submarket

D. Rent and vacancy tables. Rents and vacancies for 7 age-groups (1900-44, 1945-64, 1965-74, 1975-84, 1985-89, 1990-99, 2000-07, 2008 & newer) as well as the neighborhood overall, and for each unit type (studio, 1 bed, 2 bed/1 bath, 2/2, 3/2).

E. Inventory/Parking/Utilities. Number of units in the neighborhood, the percent of properties that charge residents for water/sewer, and parking charges for open, carport, and garage parking.

F. Graphs. Ten-year rent and vacancy trends for each neighborhood.

G. History table. Data from each of the past ten surveys and a five-year average for: market vacancy rate, average rent, percent of properties offering incentives, average incentive amount, projected rent change, and new units beginning lease-up every six months.

Buy just one neighborhood

If you want to find apartment rent and vacancy trends for just one or two specific neighborhoods in the Puget Sound region, you don't have to buy our complete report. Instead, you can get online access to create your own custom apartment rent and vacancy reports for just the neighborhood you need information for. As long as you are not looking for information on more than a few neighborhoods, this is a cost-effective alternative to buying the whole report. Cost: $160.00 for each single neighborhood report (plus sales tax where applicable). [More info]